Complete Bathrooms, part of the Complete Property Care & Renovation Group (as seen in the Western Algarve "Tomorrow" magazine) are specialist bathroom renovation installers operating throughout the Western Algarve and Lagos in particular. Lagos is becoming busier and busier especially this Summer and, from the number of inquiries we receive, the property market seems especially buoyant. We are seeing large numbers of bathroom and en-suite installation inquiries from new property owners and even more from existing rental properties in need of an interior lift. The rental market is growing but the demand is for the very best properties and many older villas and apartment have very old fashioned bathrooms by today´s standards.

Complete Bathrooms can offer a range of bathroom and ensuite installs - in the Lagos old town we have seen some of our more traditional bathroom designs prove very popular providing very high quality modern bathroom fittings while remaining sympathetic to the age and style of property. We source local materials including stone and tiles and combine them with fittings that look great and are extremely durable; an important consideration if the Lagos property rented out for the season and beyond.

If own or are considering purchasing a property in Lagos, or any where in the Western Algarve, and are considering renovating or adding bathrooms and ensuites to your property then please contact Complete Bathrooms for a chat or a no obligation quotation.

They are likely to be some of the smallest rooms in your Algarve villa or apartment but having the best quality bathrooms can make a huge difference to your home. Commissioning a new bathroom can be a great investment for your home and, if your Algarve property is rented out, yoiu could possibly see an increase in rental income or guests returning the next year. Many Algarve properties still have the original bathrooms as fitted by a developer a number of years ago - the look and feel of many original Algarve bathrooms and ensuites (if they exist at all) can be a bit depressing and all look very similar due to the historic lack of choice.... they are certainly a big change from the standards, features and quality of modern bathrooms that we now expect. When you are considering having a new bathroom installed it's important to consider popular trends and innovations in design and functionality as well as actual day-to-day use by your family and guests - luckily the range of bathroom products now available in Portugal is huge allowing us to be creative with the use of both modern and traditional (locally sourced where possible) materials and fittings from a high-quality and competitive market place. Contact us to discuss your latest bathroom renovation project here in the Algarve.